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I've put this on the main board so more people see it than on the Surveying board.

The DistoX is an electronic surveying tool based on the Leica Disto A3. The conversion board, from a Swiss caver adds an electronic compass and clino to the Disto measuring function, plus adds a datalogger and transmitter which sends to a PDA and draws the survey as you make it. Pretty nifty.
Leica have replaced the A3 with the D3, but the conversion won't work with it. Consequently the Swiss guy has stopped making his boards as he thinks there is no more market.
He has said he will consider making some more if there is a demand.
The A3 is still available from
If anyone is interested in one of these devices, which are amazingly efficient surveying tools, this is likely the last opportunity.
I have said to Beat that I will try to get a number of orders together to make it worth him ordering parts etc.
If anyone wants to sign up, can you get in touch asap. No money required yet, but a firm commitment is required.
The Disto unit is £200 and the conversion I think around £130 ish. Not cheap, but you don't need a compass, clino, tape, book etc which all cost. The survey draws itself and you add passage shape etc as you go. The DistoX also does UDLR and side passages etc. Makes a paper and pencil look a bit dated.
It might be good to get a 'UK bulk order' together to try and persuade Beat to make some more. I'm happy to coordinate this if no one else wants to.
Send mail to david(dot)ryall(at)btinternet(dot)com

I have one request, so that's 2 already!

Joel Corrigan:
Hi Dave. The Dachstein crew want at least one as we've already got a Leica. A Swiss mate of mine is going to have a chat with Beat about it tonight as this has got the makings of a g(r)eek-tragedy! We were chatting earlier about this and don't think we could face surveying in tight, baltic meanders with a tape measure and steamed-up instruments anymore, knowing that there are now alternatives....

Having used this system in Matienzo last month, I can strongly recommend it over traditional survey methods. We found it very easy to use, and improved the accuracy of our surveying over reading traditional instruments significantly, especially for inexperienced instrument readers. Not having to enter any numbers into the computer and leaving the cave with a fully drawn up map was fantastic, and allowed more time in the bar after trips too!

Hi Paul.
Initially there were some concerns with the calibration of this device and the different battery types.
Is it relatively easy to calibrate??

yes yes I know,  if id come out to matienzo this easter id know by now.......


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