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What to do with all of those caving photos ?


The Old Ruminator:
Well assuming that you bother to take photos at all. I have 1,579 caving related images on file for this year so far alone. ( now there is a surprise ! ) You cant show most folks filed images too well over coffee so I tend to make up Photobox hard back albums. ( always look for the discount code ). I dont add text as that makes the image balance awkward though you can number images and add in a contents list. Anyway here are some screen shots from the current compilation of 136 images over 76 pages. Dont look for technical perfection as I do my photography for fun and as a record. Last weeks Ogof Cwnc resulted in 315 quickly set up images , many repeated , then around 90 saved as a good representation of the trip.

I would have said leave them on photobucket so we can all have a good nosy. But it looks like you're already doing that :)

I really like this dark one with only subject illuminated

The Old Ruminator:
Thats the trouble with Photobucket. Gives too much away as does Flickr.

get them on social media to inspire folks....


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