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Olympus TG cameras; couple of questions for owners

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I've owned a TG1 for several years and it's served me well. Unfortunately last week it decided it didn't like cave diving after all and had a complete nervous breakdown after letting in a bit of water. I've dried it out but it looks like it's going to sulk permanently.

1. Is it definitely knackered (or is there any way to fix it cost effectively)?

2. Does anyone know of a proper shop with old stock of new TG1s where I might buy a replacement?

3. As the answers to the above are likely to be "yes" and "no" respectively, can anyone confirm whether the fisheye lens and converter which I have for my TG1 will fit the currently available models of TG cameras? (I've looked online but some information I saw left me uncertain.)

The TG1 hasn't been made for a number of years but I like its (relative) simplicity, so buying a new one of this model would be my first choice. I guess that's a long shot though. Having had good use of my TG1 I don't really want to go down the 2nd hand route with something as finnicky as a camera.

Thanks, if you can help.

There is a TG2 on eBay that's currently at £50 - looks like it comes with a fisheye:

might be worth a punt.


If it was freshwater, after you have taken the battery out stick it in silica gel for a week then try it (check it is not the battery that is knackered). By the way the memory card should be fine (I expect you have found that out already). I took an Olympus C5050Z down the Swildons 9 some years ago and the container leaked. After taking the batteries and memory card out I did as above and it came back to life soldiering on for another 18 months. The photos on the memory card were fine - some wound up in the Swildons book and some on the survey!
Might be worth casting about for even newer models - they seem just as robust. If you can find somebody with a 3 d printer and design abilities one can make a nice hinged lens cap that fits on the detachable filter ring. There are also screen covers that are very good.  I am really getting attached to my TG6!

Thanks for both replies so far.

I'd rather replace with new if possible. I'm resigned to splashing out on a TG6 if need be - I just need to be certain that the converter and fisheye lens which I got for my TG1 will fit on it. Can anyone avise on this?

Not sure if any of this will be of use to you, hope it might:

I own a TG3 and TG5. The attachments on these are compatible.
The TG3 lasted a good long while and survived being chucked down a 5m pitch (with some repairs), but eventually developed focussing problems I couldn’t fix (out of warranty).
The TG5 has been back to Olympus twice for separate issues (screen stopped working, some buttons stopped working). It’s now out of warranty, button issues have reappeared and focussing is starting to be a problem. If I can identify a decent equivalent camera, I won’t be replacing the TG5 with another Olympus.


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