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Near to where I live there is  a rather interesting hole that drinks an enormous quantity of water when it rains and has a small draft coming out of it. Could anybody tell me the procedure of how to find out who owns the land as I have asked in my village and nobody seems to know and I would rather like to have a dig around in the mud Officially rather than trips in the night......

You could try the Land Registry.

Tends to be a bit difficult for things without an address. I think you have to send them a map and pay for a manual search. And things which haven't changed hands in decades aren't necessarily registered. But it's a possibility if all else fails.

Of course it depends where the hole is as well. Is it in a field or a garden or...? If a field then find out who farns the land which shouldn't be too difficult.

Its in a wood near a used railway line and possibly goes under the track bed and there are no signs and I have asked the local farmer and he said the wood has been sold recently but could not tell me more than that. I will try the land registry and see what they say thanks. Ive been up there today looking and it definetly looks promising but there are a lot of leaves and mud in there at the moment but its still draughting a bit. there is also a large swallet a bit further along that had an active stream going into it but the farmer has piped it away from the swallet now so that could be worth a look as well.........

If the wood has recently been sold then the land will be registered, or in the process of being registered, so the land registry will be the way to go.


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