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Anybody used those little petzl clamps for your foot.
I tried it once with an old croll and some bungie to strap it on. Swung about at the bottom of Alum pot going nowhere fast in full view of about a million people. sacked it off as a bad idea.  :oops:

Cap'n Chris:
Petzl Pantin: they're really quite helpful if you've got a crap prusik technique and want to make life simpler and pitch climbing quicker - OK so you've got to think about them a bit more when dealing with rebelays & deviations etc. but on the whole they make ascents easier - e.g. you don't need to pull the rope down as you begin your ascent `cos the Pantin's holding the rope tight from the word go. I suspect the reason you had problems with an old Croll is that the Pantin's spring is significantly softer... the device barely holds the rope at all and it only locks when the teeth bite on the kernmantle. OK so they're not very cheap but once you've tried one I bet you like it so much you'll always take it with you, especially if you're pruskiing up a pitch of any great height. A highly recommended bit of kit which I love like it's a cute fluffy kitten. :D

Not sure exactly what you mean - is there a piccy of this mysterious bit of kit somewhere?

Cap'n Chris:
Visit and at the Quicksearch box type "B02" or "Pantin"; the little devices retail for about £35ish (scorchio!).

Ah ha!


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