An interesting idea!


Take a look at this one..........

Do not know about the practicality of such a device, especially weighing in at 10Kg, but I think the idea is different!


Huw Groucutt:
Could install a permanent one and fixed ropes in Titan...

I dont know - I bet the boys at Titan might of considered it. GG main shaft. Rowter Hole, Eldon hole, Alum pot. Could be worth lugging across the fields if you were doing a lot of digging at the bottom of such a place.


Huw Groucutt:
10 KG aint that much, i've walked 50 miles with a 25kg bag....though i suspect getting it through to the Daren pitches would be interesting.

I wonder how far your Carbide Lamp (if you use one..) is away from the fuel tank as well..............



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