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Proposed Development very near caves and rare turlough

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A turlough is a limestone feature, a seasonal lake that has no feeder or outlet streams but instead relies on fluctuations of the water table. Sometimes they are full of water, sometimes they are dry. The one at Pant Llyn can cover a few acres and up to eight feet deep, sometimes a just a dry hollow. The name Pant Llyn translates to ‘Lake Hollow’. They are very rare, a few in Ireland but the one at Pant Llyn is the only one on the British mainland. The development at Cilyrychen, a large disused limestone quarry, is very close, and with seven days a week heavy wagons in and out would undoubtedly pollute the water table,

For anyone who is interested a few cavers have set up a group to assist the locals with info about the importance of the site to help their campaign to stop this development, it would be nice if other cavers or the Cambrian get involved

I would suggest contacting the BCRA about this -  the current chairman, Prof. John Gunn, is an eminent Karst hydrologist and would be able to give informed comment about possible impacts of the proposed development on the turlough.



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