On the scrounge for a old(but modern) helmet and lamp(doesn't need to work).


Hi All,
One of the main instigators of the caving display at Skipton museum is on the scrounge again.
Gemma now works freelance and sent me the following message:-

' hope you are well! I have recently finished my contract with Craven Museum, however I’m doing a little freelance work for them to develop their school workshops. One of the workshops explores caving and I am hoping to locate another caving suit and helmet like the one we have on display that I could use in the session with kids?  Obviously its more interesting for pupils to see one that’s been worn by a caver'

I have sorted Gemma out with a well used oversuit however she would also like a lamp/helmet combo.
As I've said, it doesn't need to work so if anyone has a knackered lamp and helmet lying about and is prepared to pass it on can they contact me?
I'm based in Skipton/Dales.
Thanks in advance.


Ian Ball:
I have a slightly broken blue (cradle at the back) Caving Supplies protex helmet you can have and I think I've an FX-Ion caplamp that could go with it, although not the battery, is that suitable?

Thats perfect Ian.

Its just for depiction really. The museum does have a helmet and an exped petzl carbide lamp in storage however explaining the concept of carbide to children is a nightmare..where as they probably understand a torch mounted to a helmet kinda set up.

I suspect you live up my way(Dales)..any chance you could leave it say at the dump. PM me and I'll sort summat?

Ian Ball:
I'll pm you.


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