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Ah ok, didn't know you could do that - i'll go and have a check, cheers for the info :)

Its' under "Administration" then "Moderation settings"

--- Quote ---Would you like to set a posting limit?
 No  - group members can add as many things as they like
 Yes  - allow members to post XX submission(s)  (per day, per week, per month, ever)

--- End quote ---

Andrew W:
Fair criticism I think. I've removed a stack of the similar ones and left what I think is a reasonable selection. Unfortunately the statistics still seem to show the original number I uploaded. Don't know if there is any way to correct that.

As always, feedback is welcome.

Any chance of using an API to put the Flickr group back on here?

How the *!&$"* do you sort this out?.....

Welcome back to Flickr!
   Flickr Logo: click to get home

We're sorry, but there's a problem.
Here's what going on:

Your ejt33v6e4kqtybtd34erczdkus7ljznx3h4okdzi Yahoo! ID uses the email address That email address is already associated with the myemail account on Flickr.
Here's what to do:

    If you are trying to create a new Flickr account for your ejt33v6e4kqtybtd34erczdkus7ljznx3h4okdzi Yahoo! ID, you need to either:
        Remove the email address from your myemail Flickr account. (You'll need to sign in to Flickr with your myemail Yahoo! ID to do this.) Or,
        Change the primary email address for your ejt33v6e4kqtybtd34erczdkus7ljznx3h4okdzi Yahoo! ID. (Your ejt33v6e4kqtybtd34erczdkus7ljznx3h4okdzi Yahoo! preferences.)
    If you are trying to access your myemail Flickr account, please sign in to Yahoo! again with your myemail Yahoo! ID.

I only understand English.
(I've substituted my actual email address)


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