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March 21, 2019, 11:04:52 am by DCRO | Views: 170 | Comments: 0

Our Annual Open Day will be held on the 19th of May

The DCRO Open Day is an opportunity to see what DCRO does, play with some interesting kit,
learn or refresh some skills which you may find useful underground and to meet and network
with other local cavers. If after that you do feel interested in joining the team, there will be
people there who can explain more about what DCRO membership entails and the benefits it
can give you.

The Open Day starts at 0945 with a brew provided and during the day there will be a rotation of
practical sessions to take part in;

 What is DCRO and what do we do?
 Rigging for rescue.
 Stretchers and stretcher handling.
 First Aid / Casualty Care underground.
 Surface and Underground Comms.

There will be a break for lunch (cheese cobs and more brew are provided) and the day will finish
around 3.30pm.

There is no charge for the Open Day and the refreshments and lunch are provided free.
If you are interested in attending the DCRO Open Day please email the DCRO Training Officer
at training(at) or use the form on our website so we can ensure there are adequate refreshments.

Clothing: Bring outdoor clothing, helmet and lamp and your SRT kit.
Parking: Drive down Staden Lane and park on the road to the rear of the Fire Station where you
will be met by someone from DCRO. Please park responsibly as this is an operational Fire and
Rescue Centre.

Our official Flyer is attached, please feel free to circulate it around you caving clubs and we hope to see some of you there
March 15, 2019, 04:17:32 pm by The Old Ruminator | Views: 1151 | Comments: 28

Umm well maybe I will carry this topic on for a while. This week I added my 4,000th cave photograph to the files. 55 years of taking cave photographs in my own humble and amateur way. Ooo you wont get all 4,000 ( maybe ) . One or two now and then and why I like them.

Took this one of Nigel Cox working in the dig to The Frozen Deep. I love caving portraiture  specially when its unposed.

This one was posed. An idea by the subject Peter Glanvill and a homage to the film " Close Encounters of the Third Kind ". Drone in a cave but I would rather not say which one.

Special to me. My son was over from Australia so I took him to see The Frozen Deep. I had no idea this quick image would work. Olympus Live Composite Mode more by luck than judgement.

Same trip. He sat on the rock and I did another LCM image. I could have asked him to pose but he looked happy where he was.

Comments welcome but no moaning about high res images and mobile phones. Shall I continue ?
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