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Warmbac Speleopro Wetsuit.


Bought this from Bren on here in 2014 in the hope that it would fit, it nearly did, but is just a bit to big and baggy around the shoulders chest.

I'm a 36" chest with broadish shoulders. Label says 40" but I reckon 38" to 40" would be perfect.

I'm 5'6" and I reckon it would suit someone about 5'7" or 8".

slimish legs would probably help too.

Its in near mint condition having only been used once by me and I'm aware bren had not used it prior to me.   I got too cold due to the baggyness round the chest.

Pictures attached.

Make me an offer if you think it'll fit you.   Based in Sheffield so any local suitors welcome to come and try it on.


Ian Ball:
Sorry Sam too small for me.  It looks in great nick too.

If my Middle aged spread keeps up its current rate, it might fit me in a couple of years.  :lol:

Ian Ball:
I am definitely having to deal with lockdown lard.

my all time favourite expression of belly bulge is from this forum, apologies to the original poster I can't find your name to quote you but it was something like,
"I wear a belt when caving, if I don't my belly pops open my oversuit like a stepped on bag of crisps."   ;D


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