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I see the ELM is being rolled out:

People should not underestimate how big a change this is, and access needs to be made a major part of it. It’s such  a big potential change that Scotland might not do it so they can rejoin the EU in the future and so will stick to subsidising big landowners (you have to laugh sometimes).

They are proposing paying golden goodbyes to older farmers to clear the way for youth. That’s pretty radical.

I think caving needs to do some serious lobbying on this issue as it roles forward.  Last communication from Defra that I saw said that they didn't think caving had any value, where as they did see value in other outdoor activities.  They shouldn't be allowed to get away with that sort of opinion unchallenged.

Sounds like discrimination to me

Judi Durber:
More information:


--- Quote from: cavemanmike on December 01, 2020, 08:19:43 am ---Sounds like discrimination to me

--- End quote ---

Discrimination is fine if its justified - and its not actually the aim to bump off the elderly anyways. It looks like it'll be available to any farmer who wants to leave the industry.


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