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Plans or survey on grand Turk passage

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tony s:
The Grand Turk Passage of Llyn Du 1 was rediscovered in the 1980s by NWCC via a boulder choke reached from Cabin Shaft (the miners first found the caves, probably much to their dismay given the efforts they made to stop flood waters getting into the mines). 

The winze up to the Grand Turk level was quickly climbed to reach the miners dam, and explored to a boulder blockage.  As Dave Tyson notes, the NWCC survey is on the CCC website.  The blockage has been dug at various times since, together with the far side of the choke which is reached via a traverse over Diesel Stopes, and then a lovely clean-washed climb up the stopes of the White Vein.  The gap is only a few metres and would form an attractive round trip if the blockage can be removed.  The ladderway above the Grand Turk was also climbed in the 1980s to a sub-level and blockage.

Diesel Stopes, which forms the deepest accessible area from the Cabin Shaft workings, was so named because of the serious diesel contamination from the quarry fuelling point which had washed down LLyn Du via the Ragman and Grand Turk passages in floods to the terminal sump; this then drained into the collapsed base of the Grand Turk shaft which was the scene of another NWCC dig in an earlier attempt to find Llyn Du cavern. 

It was pleasing to note that on a tourist trip last night by 7 NWCC members (no NWCRO was not asked to attend the OFD rescue!) there was no trace of any residual diesel in the system which has cleaned up since the quarry closure.


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