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Goatchurch Cavern

Wednesday 20th January

There were cavers, thousands of them! (well about a dozen or so) - In no particular order and there's bound to be someone I have forgotten (sorry) - Dani, Tricia, Sam, Jason, Barry, Robin, Danny, Lynette, Ross, Nicki, Chris C, Andy S, Rachel, Chloe, Bev, Brendan and Rob (guest).  Not a bad turn out for a Wednesday night down Goatchurch!

The first forage of the year brought forth a good smattering of members for a pootle round Goatchurch.  As there was a range of experience across the board, the party split into several groups to explore various bits of the cave.  The newbies headed down to the drainpipe, whilst a few cavers bearing fork handles made a slightly slower descent to meet up in the water chamber.  Tricia and Lynette both successfully negotiated f-ing tight, without too many expletives.

Not sure how, but we managed to spend a good couple of hours down there!  A great start to the year - long may it continue!! :bounce:

Top Cat:
Swildons Short Round Trip
Sunday 24 January
Lynette, Ross,  'out of office' Dave, Tim and Keith

An excellent trip, enlivened by:
1. Our first look at the entrance since.....
2. Keith's teach-in on rigging the Twenty
3. Two 'gents' from Imperial (Impatient?) College CC abseiling the Twenty while we laddered it....and nearly taking Ross out..
4. The search for the way up to Tratman's (it hadn't moved...)
5. Bailing the first of the Double Troubles
6. Tim proving he could not pass Not-Birthday Squeeze on his front
7. Tim proving he could only just pass Not-Birthday Squeeze on his back
8. The search for the way down to The Landing (it hadn't moved either)
9. The slide down to the streamway
10. The baptism of our sump virgins

East Twin Swallet

Wednesday 27th January

Rachel, Tricia, Dani

A short introduction to this cave for Rach and Tricia, who hadn't been there before.  A nice trip out for a bit of exercise on a Wednesday night with a few cosy squeezes and a bit of long leg envy on the way out! 

Andy Sparrow:
Thursday 27th January
Andy and Rachel, Chris C, Nikki, Dave Morrow, Keith, Ken

After various episodes of diversions, road closures and getting lost we finally got to the cave about midday.  The entrance gate was half buried under flood debris and had to be dug open.  No problem rigging the pitches and getting down to the streamway.  We went downstream to Dry Slade Passage and then followed this up to the Chunnel.   From here it was crawling through the Three Deserts to reach Dog's Grave Passage.  Had a quick look at the ill-fated 'Norman' and then slogged on back through the crawls, The Chunnel, and eventually to Zuree Aven - lots of water to make the descent here quite dramatic.  Uneventfully back from here to emerge afer a 4 hour trip.  All very pleasant and a successful start to the 'Welsh Thursday' trips (ok - not in Wales, but via Wales).

Andy Sparrow

Wed 8th February 2010
Swildons Hole
Chris Castle, Nicky D, Nathan B. (guest), John Stafford (guest, sort of).

 This wasn't really a club trip, and was a straightforward stroll to Sump 1 and back. But it was requested by Staff to celebrate his 75th birthday!


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