Ogof y Darren Cilau

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Huw Groucutt:
so what do people think of this place? camped in there for the first time last weekend, what a cave! Not that i get out from South Wales much but it must be one of the best caves in Britain, the biggest passage in UK, and some incredible formations....and the entrance crawl isn't as bad as rumour has it!

Never done any caving in South Wales, though am very keen to do so. Cilau would definitely be on the hit list though.

Isn't the first part of the entrance really tight? I've got a huge chest so really suffer in tight places. Not bothered about it going on for ages, but have heard so many horror stories about it!

OFD would be the other one on the list of course....

Huw Groucutt:
Well, the first few metres are moderatly tight and the vice after 80 metres is arkward if you don't think about it, but nothing particularly hard. Being large just means more of it is crawling than for the little buggers who walk most of it. I know people with a 44inch chest who've been in there several times and not had much trouble! With a tackle sack its a little harder cos it gets stuck everywhere.

OFD is good in places, thought compared to Daren it really is a 'poofs' cave (no offence to any OFD lovers!), the route to OFD3 over the traverses is an excellent trip, as long as you've got a head for heights!

any chance of directions to ofd3 from top entrance??

yeah cilau isnt as bad as i fort it would be ive done wprse in yorkshire!

I'd heard horror stories about the entrance crawl too, but when I got in there it wasn't actually that bad, but I guess for those of a larger build there is a few places that might be a bit awkward.

Once past that though its an excellent cave, well worth the effort of he entrance, I'll definitely be going back at some point, after I've made a tour of all the other caves in S.Wales..


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