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I thought it might be useful to have a page with links to various online newsletters, resources etc. e.g. Tony Jarrat's Journals, Audio Archive, the newly added Lancaster newsletters etc. This could be a single entry point to an evening's armchair caving with a tablet or similar.

I've not added anything yet as I thought it would be worth canvassing opinions first. Also whether a single link to the resource's web site or whether to have some link organisation on the wiki page. The second approach may need more ongoing maintenance with the target websites reorganising contents, and also I'm not sure whether web site owners would be against direct linking to documents.


Sounds like a good idea to me. SWCC and RFDCC have many of their newsletters available on their websites.


Martin Laverty:
You might like to try the List Links option in the first dropdown list box on the British Caving Library's catalogue


change type to another ( eg. books, reports, articles, miscellaneous. audio, ..) in the 3rd dropdown.

Any corrections, suggestions for new resources to catalogue, or other comments can be sent using the Send Feedback option from the first dropdown.


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