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Currently upgrading the wiki, don't try to use...

This has turned into a nightmare.

I think I've managed to get things back to how they were pre-upgrade.

Will press on tomorrow. In the mean time please don't edit the wiki until the upgrade has been completed.

Ok, after a lot of fucking about, which was far more complicated than it should have been I've upgraded the wiki software to the latest version...

...however, I can't get the extension that links the forum/wiki logins together to work at the moment.

So, the wiki is upgraded but it's effectively read-only at the moment as you can't log in to edit!

If anyone else *can* log in and edit please let me know as it's possible the issue might be down to my cookies.

It's late and I've had a few too many whiskeys so am not going to work on this any more tonight but will crack on tomorrow.

Fixed, locking this.


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