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It's still here, or is it??


Under the new forum layout and in technical forums the UKC Wiki project still remains, but still no clear information about its future. The wiki hasn't been touched (apart from minor updates) in ages, understandably given the uncertainty of its future - why would anyone waste their time to contribute to something that may well disappear?
Is the keeping of the wiki project board an indication that the actual wiki will be kept or is it still up in the air??  :shrug:


The wiki certainly has a home here on ukcaving.  Even if no further work goes into it we will continue to host it as a reference resource in respect to all those who have contributed so far.  Ideally we'd like a group of cavers to take it on and move it forward and we'd be happy to support that.  Any offers?

I update it occasionally.  Last time was about a month ago.

The Wiki should be a collaborative effort and will work best when as many as possible add to or update it.

I updated a couple of things a while ago.

I think the concept should be that local cavers update the regions and caves they know about.

I have been principally been involved with the bradwell catchment, thus I've created and updated most of the entries on there for that catchment - along with others.  I like the idea that the history of a cave can be written, and kept up to date, who dug what and when etc.
See the bagshawe entry -  (good work JonP  :thumbsup:)

Also - up to date access arrangements etc can easily be added/amended.
Surveys can be uploaded etc

With many hands making light work, I really do think it could be great - one stop shop for all info regarding UK caves. 


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