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Peak cavern- Morton's chamber in the Ramp

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after years of neglect, the top of the ramp in peak cavern is being revisited. The ramp is the most southerly point that dry cavers can get to in peak cavern.
 Right above ink sump is a phreatic tube that heads in an easterly direction. This phreatic is known as the Ramp.

Whilst a significant amount of effort was put in by JNC (aka pitlamp on here) in the autumn of 1999, this was mostly concentrated on the left hand passage however i will concentrate on the orpheus' old dig from the late 80's in Morton's chamber.

Ideally i will bring the spoil down out of morton's into big white garden bags on the ramp. Still got to get some drag buckets and take them in. Then i'll have to return with the drill to do some more plugs and feathers on some of the rocks to make access to morton's chamber easier.

As to the potential of this dig, we'll just have to see ;)

Oodles of potential - good on yer. Not that far to Dirtlow Rake  :weep:

In my mind this is probably the dig that is most likely to rewrite our understanding of the cave formation of the area....

A great project with awesome potential Alastair, best of luck with it.  :thumbsup:

Good luck with this. Look forward to following your progress!

Agreed - a lot of potential on Dirtlow Rake. (See "Peak Cavern; Destination Dirtlow?" in TSG Journal 18 [2010] pages 54-61.) But Morton's is perhaps a tricky job? You may end up having to shore upwards - take care with that.

Best of luck; there might be another Titan lurking above that choke. If I'm about I'll lend a hand if you need any back up.

It's also probably worth re-bolting the Ramp up from Ink Sump before starting. The 1999 bolts were probably 8 mm Hilti HKDs - not designed for great longevity. (You mention using a drill, so maybe best to sort the rigging on the Ramp better, from the outset, whilst the drill's there?)

There is third possible option here. I pursued a low passage around to the left of the main choke (to what I believed to be a conclusion). Morton's Dig is the upward one directly at the top of the Ramp. But part way along the left hand option there is a spill in / boulder cavity on the right. This is likely to be part of the main choke. It's a good place to play Sir Lancelot with an aluminium scaffold pole, dislodging boulders from higher up. The problem is the working area isn't very big currently. If you made a comfortably large area to work in you could then start dropping boulders from above in relative safety. Once you got going then progress might be quite fast. (Just a thought . . . )

Hope that helps.


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