Main Rising


:D Congratulations to Martin Groves on his dive in Main Rising on 27 September 2003.  This is yet another record for the Peak/Speedwell system.  The deepest sump in the UK.

See below the post from the Cave Diving forum.
Author : Martin Groves    On: Sep 29 - 06:49

Using the recently discovered airbell above the Doux du Castleton as an advanced dive base a depth of just over 70m was reached in Main Rising on Saturday. A new line had to be tied on a the top of the end shaft and the reel ran out at what appears to be the elbow.

First class support was provided by Wayne Sheldon, Ann Sousby, Rich Hudson (diving), Rupert Skorupka together with Krysia Lewandowski and Nigel Kinge (on surface communications via hey phones). Many thanks to all people who have helped out with the set up this summer.

The team is already planning a return.

Good effort chaps - and chapess's.

So the deepest sump and the highest underground shaft.

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

you can take yer poxy yorkshire caves......

... only joking... :P

So.. who wants to go diving in bagshawe then..... :wink:


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