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Tripod delivered!

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The Tripod is with it's new owners!

Pete Ward, MD at SpanSet (and caver!) was busy on Friday so Rob Hinton kindly arranged for Tim and I to collect the tripod (he even made a yellow strap for it to make it easier to carry).  Juan called round on Saturday to collect it, job done   :)

Looking forward to seeing it in use in Matienzo  ;D

Even spotted a caver (and instructor) up on the roof enjoying the sunshine  ;D

Thank you for the tripod SpanSet  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

We are getting to the point when we can make use of the quadropod.

Legs extended and ready to join the Matienzo digging armoury. The tripod is also all set. Thanks Pegasus, Badlad and Wardy at SpanSet!

Hi mrodoc
I had hoped to use caver post or an opportunity where we had staff in the area for delivery, but it has not worked out.
I am happy to ship it by a carrier, so if you email me on with an address then it can be with you and put to use hopefully by the weekend.
One positive note is that while it has been sat at SpanSet, Simon Mitchell one of my staff has fettled it, so it is now easier to assemble / disassemble again.
Looking forward to hearing of its adventures.

Bump - would someone from the Quadpod winning digging team please contact Pete at SpanSet re delivery, thank you  ;D


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