Council Elections – Deadline Monday 26th July (Midnight)

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Just a reminder that the deadline for running for elected positions on BCA council is coming up.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

P&I Officer

Rostam - a while ago I looked for the minutes of council meetings on the BCA website but couldn't easily find them.  Soon gave up.  For interest, where are they and any committee minutes located.


About BCA>BCA Council>Official Documents

We're a bit overdue a shuffle of some of the pages as somethings are a bit tricky to find but the ITWG understandably have their hands full.
I've added a feedback form at the bottom of the home page of the website if you find any other issues, proof reading the website is always welcome!
(the link for the form is

Jenny P:
A reminder that the deadline for nominations, proposals, etc. is nearly upon us - it's midnight on Monday, 26th. July.

A further update on what's been submitted to the AGM and who's running:

In short:
– Rostam Namaghi and Russell Myers both running for Chairman
– Allan Richardson running for Secretary
– Josh White running for Group Member Representative
– Steve Gray running for Training Officer

Here's the title of the proposals

Proposals affecting the constitution:
1. Change Chairman/Chairmen to Chair
2. Section 10.1 Revision proposal
3. Standing Committee and Working Group Overhaul
4. Revisions to Section 6 and Section 8

Proposals NOT affecting the constitution
5. Proposal 5: Update to the Equality and Diversity Policy
6. Proposal 6: Increase Membership Fee

if it entices further reading


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