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Venue for 60-70 people 5-7th November

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My former student club (YUCPC) is currently looking for a venue for our 40th Anniversary bash this November (ideally weekend of 6th November).

The plan originally was a weekend-long event at Swarthghyll Farm Bunkbarn, accommodating 40 in the bunkbarn, with camping agreed for overflow people. Everything was arranged and booked (some people had even booked their on-site self catering apartments), but the venue has suddenly and without reason pulled out leaving the event in jeopardy.

Has anyone got any thoughts on possible alternative northern venues? We have members booked to come who are travelling from all over the UK, so it needs to be somewhere with on-site accommodation available (bunkbarn or camping), and where 60-70 people can have a good party. We were expecting to arrange a catering wagon so on-site catering isn't necessary (although if it is available that would make life easier).

Obviously, Dalesbridge would have been ideal but that is not available apparantly.

I suspect that number of people is too large for any caving club hut to accommodate (not sure which huts have overflow camping).

Any suggestions greatly welcomed!

Try Low Mill, in Askrigg, or Gearstones near Ribblehead.

The BPC did their Christmas dinner at Low Mill in 2019 (and are planning it again this year), with 90 people and it worked well. They've been pretty badly effected by Covid, so good to chuck them some money. Plus there is a brewery across the road, that does some pretty good beer!



--- Quote from: Cavematt on September 15, 2021, 03:14:31 pm ---
Has anyone got any thoughts on possible alternative northern venues....where 60-70 people can have a good party....

Any suggestions greatly welcomed!

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How about the Covid ward in the ICU department of your local hospital; that's where most of you will end up.....

 :o  I think lots of events of this nature are being planned.  Many like the CDG do have already been. 

I'm not sure it is as bad as you make out.  Mind you events of this nature involving students/youngsters may end up spreading other unpleasant diseases  :lol: ;)

What about asking Yorkshire Dale's Guides??


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