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Bull Pot (Kingsdale) 4th pitch deviations

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I was in Bull Pot last night for the 1st time in a few years, certainly the 1st time since the (relatively) new IC resin anchors were installed. In the current moist conditions I thought it may be wise to use both deviations on the 4th pitch. Having easily clipped the 1st, I then set about a fairly difficult feat of aerial acrobatics, swinging, bridging, climbing etc... to reach the 2nd. Looking at the rigging topo (Simon Wilson, March 2017) now I can see that the recommended deviation is from a drilled thread, whereas I was aiming for the very obvious resin anchor. Having got to the anchor, I actually decided not to use it, out of consideration for the unfortunate soul who would ultimately have to derig it, which would have undoubtedly led to a huge swing into the full force of the water (and, possibly, quite a splat against the wall). So I have a couple of questions: First, is the lowest resin anchor on the 4th pitch redundant/not recommended (I certainly don't recommend it!)? Second, is the drilled thread deviation significantly easier to reach? Thanks in advance for any replies.

If it is the same one that I'm thinking of then it is a monster swing and wall of death leap to get to.  I remember having a lot of difficulty actually using it.  I'm not sure it is really necessary and if it is just too wet abort the trip there.   If you had used it your derigger could have used the tail end of the rope to lower him/herself out in a controlled manner.  I wonder how it was drilled in the first place must be some trick to it.

Thanks Badlad. "Monster swing and wall of death leap" sums it up pretty well. I certainly wouldn't want to be there in conditions where such a radical deviation was necessary. But a less radical one would have been nice, which is why I was wondering about the drilled thread marked on the topo. Interesting idea about using the tail end of the rope to lower out - I hadn't considered that, but will add it to my toolbox. Like you, on the walk back down the hill I found myself wondering exactly how you would set about installing an anchor in such a location. Maybe someone will enlighten us...

Skyhook is useful. Although that can go badly wrong when it comes off when you have the drill in the hole....

I used to have some pitons, but since I have no reason to bolt in the UK they went to the scrap as they were rusty.

I suppose if you were posh you could bring some cams and nuts?

Can I just ask about some more recent bolts - is there an intention to remove a lot of the excess resin that is often left around the placement for some reason? I mean, it's a small hole - what is going on?

The length of the first deviation will impact on the ease of accessing the second.

I've made a note on my rigging topo to use it as a RB next time.

My derigger coped fine.


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