Revised version of BCA Chair hustings - complete with mugshots

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David Rose:
My apologies for the confusion that arose with my last post on this subject. After discussions with the two candidates, a new format has been agreed.

To recap: This year there are two candidates to be the next BCA Chair: the incumbent, Russell Myers, who stepped up from his previous role as Secretary when Phil Rowsell resigned last year, and Rostam Namaghi, who currently serves as Publicity and Information officer.

Both have been involved in caving and the association for many years.

On September 21, I am going to conduct an online hustings, recorded interviews with each candidate in turn in which I will put the same questions to both. The results will be accessible afterwards on the BCA website and I will link to them here.

If you have questions please either post them here, PM me,  or email me direct, at Please put BCA Hustings in the subject line if you do, so I spot any emails that end up in my junk filter.

The AGM will be held online on Sunday, October 10, starting at 10.30am. There will be electronic voting for this and other appointments, and on motions. Russell is the chap who looks slightly older in these two photos. Both candidates are active cavers.

Ian Adams:
Question for both candidates;

How do your policies and approach to running the BCA differ from the other candidate and why are yours better for the BCA?

Are you accepting the questions asked on the other thread?

David Rose:

David, will candidates be given the questions before these interviews?


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