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Wanted: Mendip Underground: A Caver's Guide

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James Hall:
Hello, I realise I might have a better chance of getting hold of gold-dust but I'd like the latest version of this: Mendip Underground: A Caver's Guide 5. Anyone have a copy or know where I can purchase this?

Wells museum might still have one copy, otherwise it's sold out, but shouldn't be more than a couple of years before version 6 is available...

James Hall:
Thanks Mike - does that mean that version 6 is currently being made and worked upon or just that it is likely? If the former, is there a target date for its release?

Hi, MU6 is in development and the current release date is late next year.

MU5 is available as a reference book at some Somerset libraries, definitely in Frome.



--- Quote ---Wells museum might still have one copy
--- End quote ---

I asked in there 2 weeks ago and they didn't then.


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