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Bettany Hughes, 8pm ch4


Seems quite underground on tonight's episode:

--- Quote ---Bettany Hughes' Treasures of the World
Season 1 Episode 3/5

The historian explores Gibraltar, encountering the world's first evidence of Neanderthal art, and handles the first report of Admiral Nelson's death in the Gibraltar Chronicle. She also explores the colourful natural formations of the underground pleasure gardens, and discovers where Victorian officers left messages carved into cave walls
--- End quote ---

Although tennis appears to have superceded tonight's episode

It was shown the following week (starting & finishing underground, with the WW2 tunnels at 30 mins) & episode 4 also has Gorham's cave, Gibraltar from 3 mins (the previous ones also have short bits of man made passages):

Conduits for Maltese wells & volcanic hot springs in ischia, Italy on episode 4 as well


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