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Aven du Basset - Herault


Hi All,

Bit of a long shot - does anybody have any information about the Aven du Basset in the Herault?

Apparently its a > 2km long >150m deep cave with a great river

I've found a reference in Speleo Magazine 59 (which i've not got so its unclear if this gives enough information to do the trip)

But it sounds like a great trip 

Any info gratefully received


we have visited that cave with the club in 2007. Try to contact the local caver Christophe Bes for more information.

Their blog : http://speleoclubdelaude.blogspot.com/

Their website : http://www.speleoclubdelaude.fr/

An ohter must see is the cave: Vent d'anges,

in our avalonflash nr 13 there are two photo's taken in aven du Basset (page 7-8) and a short trip report in dutch.


Also take a look at their site http://www.soulanes.fr/ where you can find all info for a visit to Vent d'anges and Castanviels .  Castanviels is magnificant sporting vertical cave.

Some other info

A report of a rescue exercise with survey : http://ssf34.free.fr/fiche/COMPTE-RENDU%20Basset.pdf


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