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Hi everyone, I'm Callum. I'm a filmmaker and am looking to film at, and around, the Yordas Cave area.

I've been in contact with the Council of Northern Caving Clubs to ask for permission to film at, and around, the Yordas Cave area and have been told that I don't require any permission.

However, I'd love to speak to Tom and Lucy, the owners of Braida Garth, who are the landowners of Yordas Cave.

If anyone has their contact information, could you please contact me?

My phone number - 07545817361
My email - callumwilkinsbusiness@gmail.com

Please share this around and try and ask any of your friends if they know their contact information.

Thank you, everyone!

Hi Callum

I'll give you a call.  Whilst you may not need permission to cave there you would do for filming.  Certainly as a courtesy anyway.


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