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This topic only for updates on current alerts. Keep all discussion regarding any particular alert to seperate topics please.

Could anyone posting information about bad air in a Mendip cave please include the barometric pressure for the time of the trip and a summary of the pressure for a couple of weeks before.  This information is available from: http://www.mendipweather.org.uk - the site shows the current weather and the last 30 days.

bad air experianced in tynings barow swallet 25th october and cokoo cleeves 26th october

Judi Durber:

Swildon's in sump 1 chamber before you go through - bad air on 27th Oct

Barometer reading shows:
17th Oct - 1007
19th to 21st - 1035
22nd - 1020
24th - 1025
26th - 1020
27th - 1023
28th - 1020
29th - 1010

Still bad air in Cuckoo Cleeves on 7th November


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