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Les Williams, although I can't say I really know him, he's the only les I was able to find on ukcaving and it lead me to Mendip
OK, time for clarification. I know nothing of Les Williams and he is not involved in the answer.

Therefore jumping to the conclusion that the site is in Mendip is wrong, although there is by chance an apparent Mendip connection.

Clue 6
I saw Les a couple of weeks ago, but it is many years since he was active in cave exploration. I thought maybe it was so long ago that it might not be possible to find him by an Internet search, but in fact not only can he be found, but also there are online references to his digging activities.

It would be more profitable to consider the phrase "something that is three times a cave" in relation to an earlier Cryptic Caves question. You can then plug the answer to that into an Internet search with the forename and activity, this would establish that such a person exists. You then have the answer, but an Internet search on the answer will not confirm it, you will have to look in the Cave Registry to confirm you are right.


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hmmm, I'm gonna guess Wookey's dig then
Spot on! Well done.

It was seen of course as a potential entrance to Ogof Draenen. Les Wookey was also the first person to notice the entrance to what became Ogof Draenen but was talked out of digging it by Theo Schuurmans who asserted that there were no decent caves south of the Clydach.

Wookeys dig.jpg

It is your turn now.........


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okay, hopefully I'm doing it right...

[The inside of a rope + the part of a machine or instrument such as a clock or watch which shows you the time or a measurement that has been recorded]

[insert the answer from above here] under window lies, with a potential of up to x=2.82842712475^2 disturbances per annum.

(9, 3) there is also an apostrophe included.


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Core??? . . . Dial???/Face?/? . . . . Sill??? . . . . . 8??? Well, as cryptic clues go, that's cryptic!


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Core/dial (cordial?) sill 8 is as far as I've got. Or 'kern' instead of core? Maybe 'potential' points to 'pot'? I'm thinking along the lines of 'Somebody's Pot' or possible 'Dig' (and have been reviewing caves I found when trying to solve the previous clue).


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cordial is correct for the first word. So the clue then reads "Cordial under window lies". Cordial is a clue for the name of the cave, think noun. The last three words are literal, indicating the location of the cave. I'll also narrow it down by saying it's in the north.

You are both thinking along the right lines, 8 is correct, think about what you would need to maintain only 8 visits a year.


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Correct! Sorry if it was a bit too cryptic to start with.

as a reward here is a photo of the entrance


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