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Cryptic caves


Just finished the Saturday paper puzzle so here goes:
Neal confused after left dwelling, structure within badger's home


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'Appen it's time for a clue: Consider who the pontiff is, then think of what a Spoonerism is – and it should give you the first letter of the second word.


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P-2 in Strans Gill Pot is called Hope (Pitch) – so over to you, ChrisB.

The first three pitches of SGP are called Faith, Hope and Charity – maybe because you need faith in your ability to get back up P-1, you need hope for P-2, and – according to the bible – 'the greatest of these three (faith, hope and charity) is charity' P-3 being a big pitch in a large rift.


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I like Fulk's Spoonerist approach - if the (in)famous Bishop were to be employed auctioning redundant props from recent blockbuster film, he could end up trying to sell this other Yorkshire pothole... (4,3)