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Cryptic caves


A hint as this isn't a cave ending in the normal pot, cave, swallet, etc.
First word describes building material such as concrete or brick that has a vitrified surface (also the word is a synonym for something of poor quality). The second word is a synonym - think base of a valley, or the part of your body that you sit on! Horribly cryptic and not the most well known of caves.


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The reference to concrete threw me. As a civil engineer, I've never heard of concrete with a vitrified surface (brick, yes), but clinker is an intermediate step in the manufacture of cement, which is one constituent of concrete.


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Ok, try this important but rarely visited site.....

"Factory in the clear given reorganisation?" ( 6,4,4 )


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Wot no guesses yet? OK clue time. This is a resurgence on the flanks of the Ingleborough massif.