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Inglesport Photographic Competition


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Hi Gardouth, I don?t want to sound sanctimonious or preachy . . . but ?when I were a lad? I used to climb short ladders without a lifeline . . . until  I met someone who had fallen off a ladder on Valley Entrance pitch (actually, I think the ladder broke) and had never walked since.

NB: theyorkshireminer ? love your GG picture.


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Fulk; what is not visible in Gary's second picture is that I am clipped into the ladder via a karabiner on my main mallion. The ladder itself is backed up with slings. Obviously, there's still scope for the ladder to snap so this is by no means the right approach to ladder safety and you are right to highlight that ladders should always have a separate independent belay... good practice should always prevail.
For Gary's first photo, the model is clipped into the separately belayed rope... although via a belt which of course is not intended or rated for this purpose... so yes, bad practice  :spank:

Anyway, let's not let this thread turn into a discussion on ladder safety...  ;)


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Vulcan said:
Second entry - P8 - the first pitch via the high level route.


Warmbac oversuit bought at inglesport on the BCA Agm weekend
(Afraid the gloves were bought from screwfix ?site?, helmet Bernie?s and most of the SRT kit probably from Tony, harness probably from inglesport though!) :D


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Closes 10pm tonight  :D :D

Thanks to everyone who has entered the competition so far - it's supports the forum and makes me happy  ;)  (y)


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Thanks to everyone who has entered the competition this year.  (y) (y)

Tim and I have been looking through the entries this morning and have put our shortlist together which we've sent to Inglesport for their additions, etc.

The shortlist will soon be up and ready for voting.

Cheers, Jane  ;)