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Inglesport Photographic Competition


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The crystal pool on the OFD Edwards?s Shortcut round trip

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In the Lost World, Oparure, Waitomo, New Zealand

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Active member
Some great entries so far.

Please remember that the theme this year is EQUIPMENT, so a brief description of what is being used would be ideal. Rigging, SRT gear, ladders, dive gear, pulleys, photography and lighting, rescue equipment?? Would be nice to get some older entries of long retired equipment & lighting from days gone by.

Closing date for entries 19th July - Good luck!


Great Oxbow Passage, OFD.  To get here we had to do a series of climbs.  Mark sports a nice AV oversuit.  At the end of the series we used a wire ladder and life line to descend Skyhook Pitch, whilst Caver Keith was using his new Fenix lights to light the pitch for filming.


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We're going back a bit here.

This is a picture of Mike Farnworth about to descend the first 170-metre stage of a 246-metre shaft in April 1973. He's sporting an Oldham headlamp and battery pack; a Texelex helmet, a modified climbing harness, and two figure of eight descenders. His equipment bag is army surplus canvass. He is not sporting anything as modern as a cowstail. The two descenders will allow him to overcome a rebelay about 40 metres down. He will need to lock off his descender on the doubled hawser-laid top rope, thread his second descender on the lower rope; lock that one off; and then undo his descender from the top rope. But quite frankly, the locking off the second section wasn't really necessary as you needed the strength of Atlas to force the double rope through the descender.

The ascent was made on Clog ascenders - which one needed to detach from everything to pass a rebelay.



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chunky said:
Last weeks push in izvor licanke.5 scooters, 3 rebreathers, a dozen dive cylinders, 2 expedition bags of camera and lighting kit, 2 dry tubes, half a dozen rocket tubes, camp kit, stove, food...loads kit!

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You posted the wrong one mate

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Carlswark Derbyshire


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Martyn Farr

New member
A cave diver needs equipment - the best he can get hold of. And these days the explorer carries a lot! No, we don't have sights like this in the UK but its in Britain that all the skills are honed. And you don't have to look far to see what incredible feats have been achieved.


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Martyn Farr

New member
Pegasus said:



Inglesport were delighted with the result of last year's photographic competition so have asked if we can run it again!

Would you like to see one of your cave photographs printed and displayed in pride of place in Inglesport cafe and win a ?100 Inglesport voucher (sponsored by UKC)??

Enter your shots on this thread.  A shortlist will be compiled and UKC forum members asked to 'like' their favourites.

The winning shot will receive a ?100 Inglesport voucher + have their photograph printed by Inglesport.  Second and third place will also be printed.  After 12 months on display the winners can take their photograph to hang at home.

Competition open to any caver resident in the UK.
Max 3 entries per person.
Entries in by 10pm 19th July 2019.
Shortlisted entries will be posted 22nd July - voting (liking) will close 28th July.
The theme of this year's competition is EQUIPMENT (Inglesport do after all sell quite a lot of it!). Photographs taken at any time are eligible - so carbide lamps, rope ladders and wooly jumpers can feature  ;)
A brief (or not so brief, tell us more) description of where the photograph was taken is required.
Please post photographs at a reasonable size on the thread so can be easily viewed, however you will need the original in a high enough resolution to print successfully.


- Attachments and other options


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Ladder pitches; descending Pinetree Pot, on a wire ladder, with lifeline (11mm dynamic rope)


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New member
This photo is from Valley Entrance, Yorks. Bruce on the rope.



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New member
The lads protecting their equipment. The Mortuary Slab, Hollow Hill, Waitomo, New Zealand


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Chain climb; using fixed aid steel chain to ascend a tricky climb in OFD 1


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Huglith mine, not sure if this one would qualify as it's technically not a cave, but there's lot of gear in it :)


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