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North Wales this weekend? Poachers or a system somewhere nearby?


I find myself in Ellesmere port early on Saturday, and without any plans, is there anyone I can drag out (or join) on a trip to somewhere (to meet at 10.30am?)

Last weekend I found myself by accident/on purpose in Llangollen, then tried to go on the horseshoe pass, I was turned around as there had been an accident. So I went to have a look at an interesting cliff. And ended up going through worlds end and out past minera mines. All very limestoney! I'm keen to do some Caving in north wales, as there seems like there is some to be done.

Far more mines than caves, but that's not to say we're not still looking for caves. I am (probably) free, but I'll not know until probably Friday. Feel free to PM me what you fancy looking at, and if I can't, I'll try to prod someone who can.

The interesting cliffs are Trefor/Trevor Rocks.

Go on ucet's forum and I'm sure someone will give you a good day out. Ogof hesp Alyn is a much better (and bigger)  cave  :thumbsup:


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