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Warning - Hillocks climbing shaft


Pete K:
There has been a collapse at the shaft top of the Hillocks Climbing Shaft in the small copse. By description it appears that a portion of the ginging came away while cavers were ascending. Luckily no one was hurt and Pete Dell has already been over to secure a warning notice to the lid. This is a new problem here and is unrelated to the packwall stabilisation a few years ago.

Please refrain from using this shaft until the situation can be inspected and any remedial work carried out. Rocks dislodged from the ginging will fall the whole length of the shaft and there is no place for a caver below to get out of the way.

Pete Knight
DCA Projects

does this still need sorting? il help fix it but im goin down after

Pete K:
This issue is fixed, but as with all ginged shafts, still needs care and monitoring.


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