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The Master Cave - 24th December, 9pm



It's over a year since we rolled out the film premiere of 'The Master Cave' at Kendal Film Festival.

A little too long for the Hidden Earth video competition and not quite good enough for the mainstream circuit, it seemed a shame to waste all the effort.

I am rolling out the film into the public domain tomorrow evening, Christmas Eve at 9pm GMT.

Let's face it, there's never anything on the tellybox over Xmas anyway  :beer2:

The film was aimed at the general public and not for cavers or cave divers so if you feel you know it all already....it wasn't meant for you  ;)

It will be on Vimeo and Youtube. If you cannot make the 9pm showing you can tune in afterwards.

About the film:

Showing on WetWellies Caving website, Youtube and Vimeo on 24th December 2019, at 9pm GMT.
Two years in the making and originally created for the Kendal Film Festival 2018, this film documents a female cave diver who kick started a project in Croatia to continue exploring the cold, deep, underwater cave - Izvor Licanke.
The film follows her team as they train, explore and document their discoveries which, as with all true exploration, does not always go smoothly.
Directed by Christine Grosart.
Filmed by Mark Burkey photography, Maelstrom Photography and Design and Christine Grosart.
Exploration of this cave continued with significant discoveries in 2019 and the team are returning again in 2020.

Link to the trailer and page for showing:


in 3 hours folks!  ;D

Ian Ball:
I'm a dunce for missing this before now, it's fabulous.

Here is the final film on Vimeo (also on Youtube)

Hope you enjoy it, getting lots of very nice feedback on social media.


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