Small Kneepads


Hi, I'm on the hunt for a pair of small knee pads as I currently have a pair that are far too big for me and constantly fall down/twist/restrict my movement. I have looked into using elbow pads but the adjustable straps on those are usually slightly too short - unless anyone knows anywhere that sells large elbow pads? I would prefer a pair of neoprene ones as I find them far more comfortable than hard ones. Does anyone have any recommendations for kneepads that would fit a very small woman (about the size of a 12 yr old)?
Thank you!

Warmbac do a small size of kneepad. My caving partner uses them and she is quite small. They’re available from Starless river and if you could meet the mobile shop at the weekend, then I’m sure you could have a look at them to get an idea of size.


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