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Drakelow Tunnels near Kidderminster access



A few may remember when I organised a coupe  of open days. It would seem the volunteers are now far better organised and access is now possible by booking. The following was posted on the sub brit forum

The tunnels have been cleared and tidied, new lighting has been installed in a few places and as we continue to clear spaces and make them presentable more areas will be accessible and have items on display.
Tours get booked up very quickly, the record is 25 minutes and the Photo wanders are becoming popular as well.
We advertise the upcoming tours and photowanders on our facebook page with a warning of when the events going to be released and then booked via messaging that page and we tend to do them as often as we can.
[https://www.facebook.com/SaveDrakelow/ 11]
We are hoping for around 4 events in the next 6 months hopefully, once confirmed. Hope to see some of you there in the future!



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