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Traffic Management Alert

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Traffic Management Alert
As a consequence of the heavy rainfall from #StormDennis a slippage has occurred in an existing embankment to the northern side of the A465 between Clydach and Blackrock.

The A465 has been reduced to one lane with traffic lights deployed for safety reasons. Inevitably these lights will cause delays, to ease congestion please consider using the official diversion route, used for closures, as an alternative www.a465.info/diversion

The traffic lights will remain in situ until a full assessment has been carried out. Further updates will be made as and when they are available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

Speaking of which, is it this coming Sunday morning (23rd) when they're closing the road past the Helwith Bridge for a half marathon, till lunchtime? This means no access to the "Road of a Thousand Bends" through to Austwick - unless you drive from Stainforth over the pack horse bridge up to the road from Stackhouse which joins the RoaTB near the quarry. If you're staying at Hoprton, it'd be easier to get to Ingleton via Ribblehead.

Not sure that they'll care in Wales  :shrug:

In other news, Crickhowell Bridge was damaged by floods & has been closed (Wet in Wales thread for link)

Sorry Mike - the topic title (which doesn't mention Wales) is "Traffic Management Alert", so it seemed appropriate to offer that information here.    :shrug:

That's why I requested forum identifier underneath, as it's something I've done before!


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