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Mendip Book Launch Sat. 7th March.

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The Old Ruminator:

By Nicholas Chipchase, on Flickr

How can I order by post?

The Old Ruminator:
Will ask about that tomorrow.

A great evening and an excellent book (a must have really).

The Old Ruminator:
A very intensively researched book given the disparity of the areas under consideration. The Brendon Hill iron mines are covered as well as Buckingham Mine on the Quantocks. All my old Quantock rambles from the 1960's are recorded as well as the meeting of two great Mendip minds ( not mines ! ) myself and a callow youth by the name of Peter Glanvill at Holwell Cavern. Lots of other useful notes on archeology, conservation and geology are included. Can't wait for volume two ( West Mendip apparently at the printers ). Volume 3 and 4 seem to be %80 complete but maybe in abeyance whilst a new Mendip Underground is completed. A waterproof sleeve is offered as separate but needs considerable dexterity in the fitting thereof. Such was the crush and excitement at the Hunters last night that I forgot to ask the author about distribution. I expect most Mendip clubs will have a source of supply.


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