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Hi all

I have updated our official Covid statement on the CNCC website. It is in part a rewrite of previous statements but with a more positive news twist.  Also a reference to changes in government advice on the reopening of pubs and accommodation after 4th July.

Follow the link

Also worth noting the summary of the CNCC committee meeting on Saturday on ukcaving,;topicseen#new

You are welcome to cave in the Dales.  Please follow our good advice and stay safe.
Thank you
Tim Allen
CNCC Access Officer

I take it the land owners who grant access to Alum and Birkwith are still requesting we don't visit?

We're checking with Long Churn/Alum this week.  I'll let you know as soon as I hear.

You'll know that Birkwith is problematic as the new owners are not so keen on visitors at the best of times.  Perhaps after the 4th July openings would be a good time to go and ask again.

Although I'd like to get those two areas open again I have not pushed it as there are so many other caves to go at.



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