Long Churn/Alum/Diccan


Hi all

I'm pleased to announce that these caves are open for business again.  The caves are on private land and the landowner had previously asked for cavers to keep away during lockdown and the first easing.  He is now happy for cavers to return.  With thanks to Andrew Hinde, CNCC chairman, for sorting this.

Please note that a small fee is payable for access to these caves of a pound per person.  The landowner is putting a collection box on the wall outside the front door of Selside farm.  There is no need to knock or introduce yourself just put the fee in the box.  It would be helpful if one person per visiting group attended to the fee and made payment at the farm.

Please also be considerate when parking especially as more individuals will be turning up in their own cars.  If the parking area is rammed then it may be best to come back on another day. 

Stay safe and have fun
Tim Allen
CNCC Access officer

Outstanding work by Andrew, and particularly good timing considering the statistics recently released (;topicseen#new) showing Alum/Diccan to be the most downloaded rigging topo af all the ones on our website.

No surprises of course... Alum/Diccan are just spectacular potholes  ;D

Please heed Tim's advice and be considerate with your parking on Alum Pot Lane. We all know that it can get busy at times, and this is particularly likely to be true with less car-sharing happening at the moment. The caves will still be there when things return more to normal and, if the lane looks busy, there are loads of other good caves to choose from.

Some inspiration here perhaps:

Remember folks; Caution (particularly with the recent heavy downpours) > Capability > Considerate. We've had so much praise about the respectfulness of cavers recently, so thank you to everyone!


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