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3 for the price of 2
« on: November 16, 2009, 04:57:48 pm »
Saturday, 14 Nov
Me & SCG Guests Barry, Ian & Matt

Rods / Bath, then Waterwheel.

Oh boy, did it rain! The night before I was hatching alternate plans in case of severe floods, but on the day there was just surface run-off.
First up was Rods Pot to Bath Swallet. Fully expecting the link to be flooded, I popped down shower pot while the lads kitted up and I rigged a top rope. Like a numpty I dropped the bag down the pitch so got soaked as well as having to free climb back up the pitch in flood!
The plan was to go in Rods and see what the water level was like, if high, retreat and if low try the link. So we all slid in and waited for the scout trip to move off the little climb into main chamber. After a breif chat with them and a cheery good luck ,we went off to find purple pot. It was draughting a bit so I was hopeful  of making the connection, but put a rope down in case of neeeding to get back up easily. To my huge surprise it was open - just a layer of liquid mud 2" deep to wriggle through. The lads followed and shouts of delight ensued. The stream from Bath Swallet was flowing down a small hole in the floor and not flooding the link . Great! ;D A wet climb up shower pot followed and out into the freezing wind.

Quick change and a bowl of soup from the Burrington Cafe.

Next up, Waterwheel swallet and bloody hell, it was cold up there! wet kit has never been so unappetizing! We practically ran into the cave to get out of the wind and had an uneventful but fun trip through the brilliant, but short, cave. We reckon Barry has (almost) popped his cherry for "no sumps, please".

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