Can we take scouts caving??

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Hi all

Our club has been approached regarding perhaps organising a "caving experience trip" for some scouts. That's the limit of the details so far.

As an ex-scout I am very keen on this and think it's great but it does make me wonder a few things...

1. I doubt any of us are CRB checked except the teacher in our club
2. As a BCA affiliated club with green cards, are we actually insured to take scouts caving (all of whom I am guessing are younger than 18)
3. I don't think anyone in our club holds a formal ticket for caving (CIC or whatever)

Anyone got any comment on whether this is a) feasible or b) sensible!

We would love to help out, and it's a shame that these days the above is the first thing I think about when looking at this, but equally it's better that everyone is aware of where they stand.


Hi Matt, I am the team leader for Derbyshire Scout Caving Team, I'm happy to give you some advice/point you in the right direction. Drop me a private message. Cheers, Alex

PM sent

Hi Matt

If alex cant assist you,get in touch.

A short answer is a caving club will not have the relevant insurance DBS and Quals / Licenses to be able to do it.

I have contacts in most of the scout caving teams around the country, So hopefully we can find someone that can help

Also If any of your club are interested in helping with scout caving, I can point you in the right direction for that aswell

West sussex scout caving
Association of Scout Caving Teams

A link to the Scout association information on using an external provider for caving.,26,407,351&moduleID=24&runMethod=commercial


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