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Hey all don't know if anyone would be interested in a thread of this nature, but I find myself without a decent trip report or reason to share photos quite often so thought a thread for us who like to show off may be just the thing......with a weekly limit for TOR ;)

To kick off bumped in to MatthewJC who was leading a group around Cwmorthin at the weekend and he asked to let him know how the shot came out. Here you go Matt

Pete K:
That is a cracking shot. I work in there myself a couple of times a week and never get tired of taking pictures of Cwm, but that is the best view of that chamber I've seen. Lovely picture.
One from me of the same MatthewJC in the same mine last week.

Hi Mark

Fantastic shot 8), many thanks fortaking it and sharing

Was good to meet you and club & hope you all had a good weekend in Snowdonia..


Craven had a cracking club meet down Lancaster Hole last weekend. Several trips were made by its members with everyone having a great time.
I cannot take credit for this superbly lit photo of 'Bob's Boss'  in the upper series as this was taken by CPC member Simon Parker.

However, great thread to start Mark...Most of my photo's are just snaps that try and capture the spirit of a club meet..however, if by accident I come up with something half decent, I'll continue the thread.


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