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Caving on BBC Breakfast this Saturday!

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Spent an enjoyable few hours down Long Churn yesterday helping to take Mike Bushell, of BBC Breakfast television, caving.

Mike is the sports reporter who has tried 100's of different sports.

With thanks to Jenny & Gracie of who work with Kendal Mountain Festival, a caving trip for Mike was organised to help promote the Kendal Mountain Festival and the sport of caving!

We're hoping Band of Birds will be able to get listed on the BBC 'Get Inspired' website: - wouldn't that be awesome?!  ;D

Present were Tim and I, Di Arthurs and Simon Cornhill who took a day off work to come and help  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:, Clive Allen of Kendal Mountain Festival (who hadn't been underground for 'about 20 years' - not that you'd know it, the way he easily abseiled down and prussiked up the pitch  :)), Jenny & Gracie of Band of Birds - neither of whom had been caving before, Sean Whittle of Yorkshire Dales Caving who kept the team safe, Matthew Holroyd who'd been asked to come along as we wanted younger cavers represented - at 16 Matthew has already been to the bottom of the Berger, caved in Vietnam and was an absolute star down the Churns, thank you Matthew  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:.  Also with us of course were Mark the cameraman and Mike Bushell.

We met up at Yorkshire Dales Guides HQ where we helped Mark repack his camera equipment into Peli cases and kit everyone up before we set off - the weather wasn't the best, however water levels were OK.

The Team:

A familiar walk for many...

Mike had a Go Pro or similar in his hand pretty much all of the time - his enthusiasm was infectious  ;D

There was a plan!  Mark had seen the CRO 2018 incident report when at the Barn and wanted to try and capture the front cover shot of a caver abseiling down Alum - so Si & Di agreed to rig the drop and meet us down on there!


Di looking great on the pitch!

Mike tried his hand, well body, at the Cheesepress however to no avail and we avoided Dr Bannisters due to the rather wet conditions, however fun was had on the pitches and in the streamway. Mike, Mark, Jenny & Gracie were helped up and down the Dolly Tubs and happily everyone seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves  and loved walking out to see Alum Pot - well who wouldn't?!;D

Sorry the photos are sideways  :-[

Mike and Mark worked tirelessly the whole trip filming and interviewing us - it was rather disconcerting having the microphone held up in front of you when looking out onto Alum from the ledge!

Here's Clive speaking about the Kendal Festival in twilight as we emerged from our adventures:

Got your tickets yet?

All out, safe, sound and happy :)

 :thumbsup: Thank you to the BBC and Kendal Mountain Festival for promoting caving  :thumbsup:

So look our for caving on BBC Breakfast tomorrow  ;D

Ian Ball:
That's awesome! 

Thank you for always bringing caving to the forefront and helping promote it in a positive light, for a change....  ;D We need more of this for our little often misunderstood sport.

I hope this helps balance the portrayal of caving and delighted to see Mike so up for it :-)

Positive publicity for caving  ;D

Judi Durber:

Jane your a star  :clap2:  lovely piece.  Glad they got the shot of someone rope walking. Alum and Upper Long Churn is so lovely.  Makes me proud to be a caver.

Great Team work  ;D   :thumbsup:  8)  ;D

From 7:40 


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