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So I am reasonably new to caving but have done SRT caves and other bits and bobs. I am looking for a regular caving partner(s), I live up in the lakes but due to work travel all over. Drop me a message if you'd like to cave together!


Hi Rachel,

Welcome to the forum  :)

If you're interested in joining a club, there are a number listed here:


All the best, Jane

Hi Rachel.

Phillippa here.  I live in Newcastle and am always looking for more excuses to get underground, so looking for local-ish folk to cave with.   I have full kit and know SRT too.  I am somewhat limited as dont have my own car, but happy to meet at local train station. Ive Pm'd you also

Hi Rachel - I'm based in Cumbria, so not too far away from you. I've PM'd you...


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