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Caving books for sale - profits to DCRO


Hi all,
We have been donated a lot of Caving books/ journals/ magazines etc.
After checking they weren't needed in the British Caving Library we have been given permission to sell them to raise money for DCRO.
They are all in used, slightly old and dusty condition but perfectly usable and readable!

A Visitor's Guide to Underground Britain   Richard Fells   1993   
Beneath the Mountains   David Rose and Richard Gregson   1987   
Caving Practice and Equipment   Edited by David Judson   1988   
Gaping Gill, 150 years of exploration   Howard Beck   1984   
Underground Adventure    A Gemmell and J Myers   1990   
The Underground Atlas   John Middleton and Tony Waltham   1986   
Blind Descent   James Tabor   2011   
Karst and Caves in the Yorkshire Dales National Park   Tony Waltham   1987   
British Caves and Potholes   P Deakin and D Gill      Pages falling out
Derbyshire's Old Lead Mines and Miners   J Rieuwert   1972   
Vercors Caves   Des Marshall   1993   
Caves of Adventure   H Tazieff   1953   
SRT Rigging Guide   Dave Elliot and Dick Lawson   1987   
Caves of the Peak District   Dave Gill and John Beck   1991   
Northern Caves Volume one Wharfedale and Nidderdale   D Brook, R Coe, G Davies and M Long   1979   x2
Northern Caves Volume Two Penyghent and Malham   A and D Brook, G Davies, M Long   1982   
Northern Caves Volume Three Ingleborough   A and D Brook, G Davies, M Long   1986   
Northern Caves Volume 4A Scales Moor and Kingsdale   D Brook, G Davies, M Long   1983   Missing front cover
Northern Caves Volume 4B Leck and Casterton Fells   D Brook, G Davies, M Long, J Sutcliffe   1983   
Northern Caves 2 The Three Peaks   A Brook, D Brook, J Griffiths, M Long   1996   
The Spur book of Caving   Jim Ballard   1978   
Mendip Underground   D Irwin and A Knibbs   1987   
The Caves of Mendip   Nicholas Barrington   1964   
Caves of South Wales   Tim Stratford   1986   
Selected Caves of Britain and Ireland   Des Marshall and Donald Rust   1997   
Caves and Caverns of Peakland   Crichton Porteous   1950   
An Introduction to Cave Surveying, BCRA Cave Studies 2   Bryan Ellis   1988   
Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales BCRA Cave Studies 1   Tony Waltham and Martin Davies   1987   
Caves and Caving , number 3   BCRA   Feb-79   
Journal of the Craven PC Vol. 5, No. 3   Craven PC   1975   
Descent   23   Apr-73   
Descent   24   Jul-73   
Descent   25   Sep/Oct 1973   
Descent   26   Jan/ Feb 1974   
Descent   27   Mar/ Apr 1974   
Descent   35   Jan/ Feb 1977   
Descent   37   Dec-77   

Happy to sell as single items or in multiples. Can be collected in the Peak, or by caver post or normal post.
Make me a reasonable offer and remember all the money goes to Cave rescue!


These four have gone:
Beneath the Mountains   David Rose and Richard Gregson   1987   
Caving Practice and Equipment   Edited by David Judson   1988   
Gaping Gill, 150 years of exploration   Howard Beck   1984
Derbyshire's Old Lead Mines and Miners   J Rieuwert   1972

All others still available!

Also taken are:
all the Northern Caves (except one copy of Northern Caves Volume one Wharfedale and Nidderdale  still available)
Underground adventure

£100 raised so far for DCRO!
Thanks all

Bravo Katie :-)


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